This edifice was constructed between 1874 and 1876 as the second home of the Disciples of Christ in Augusta, which was founded in 1835. Paid for entirely by Mrs. Emily Thomas Tubman at a cost of over $101,000, it is a fine example of the Romanesque Revival style with Gothic details. The steeple is the tallest in downtown Augusta at 185 feet. Note the buttresses on the side walls, the carved stone accents, the intricate brickwork in the gable and the tracery in the windows, which are Flemish in design. Interior features include curved walnut pews on a sloped floor, and a profusion of religious symbolism. The Fellowship Hall, also dating from the 1874-1876 connects the church and the manse, and features a beamed ceiling, stage and “cat walks” on the second floor giving access to Sunday School rooms.