Built c. 1905, the earliest business at the location was the Union Cash House Dry Goods Store with Mr. Joseph Subotnick, proprietor. Advertisements in the paper claimed the business was \”The Store of Few Words but Great Doings\”. In 1911, the A. V. Hadley grocery store was located at 1242 Broad Street and sold a variety of \”fine family groceries and country produce.\” Sunday April 16, 1922, a streetcar accident happened in front of 1242 Broad Street, resulting in \”smashing the left wheel of the automobile and inflicting slight damages to the steps of the trolley.\” In addition to the businesses on the first floor, there were several boarding rooms available at 1242 and 1244 Broad Street often advertised in the Augusta Chronicle newspaper throughout the early 20th century. Now home to local graphic design firm Kruhu, the first floor of both 1242 and 1244 Broad Street serves as their work space while the second and third floors remain vacant with plans for future rehabilitation.