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2019 – Prontaut House, 407 Telfair Street

Prontaut House

407 Telfair Street

Owner: Privately Owned

The Threat: This large house located in the Olde Town neighborhood near the Gordon Highway
Overpass has suffered from neglect and deferred maintenance over the years. While it retains its
historical integrity, those features are quickly deteriorating and the overall condition of the property
continues to decline.

Some History: Constructed c. 1890, this two story brick masonry house is an example of the homes that
predated the Great Augusta Fire of 1916. Mrs. Amelia Henry is listed as the resident there in 1898 and
further research shows the house was steadily occupied as a single family home. The 400 block of
Telfair today is primarily professional offices utilizing the existing historic resources, but there is
renewed interest in the neighborhood for owner occupied homes and income producing housing for the
influx of young professionals who are arriving in Augusta, driven by the expansion of the cybersecurity

Preservation Solutions: As a contributing resource to the Pinch Gut National Register Historic District,
certified rehabilitation tax credits are a financial incentive to rehabilitate the property using the
Secretary of the Interior’s Standards either as an income producing property or an owner occupied
residence. Historic Augusta seeks to engage with all owners of historic properties to best advise the
stewardship of the resource.