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2020 Preservation Month Posts

Listen to the music inspired by Jasmine Hill and see archival images in our files!

Recently, Historic Augusta staff found an original piece of sheet music inspired by the house and its location high atop the rolling hills overlooking the Savannah River Valley. The Jasmine Hill Waltz, written and self-published by Mr. Walker’s wife, Carolyn Fowle Walker (1860-1933), is a ragtimey energetic composition that likely filled the halls of the house during many social events.  To celebrate Preservation Month and the significance of this rare architectural gem, our new Programs  and Marketing Director Robyn Macey played and recorded the piece for the delight of our members.  Jasmine Hill has been purchased by a descendant of the Schley Family who intends to relocate the house to family property in Oconee County near Athens.

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The 1918 Pandemic during President Wilson’s Time as President The Pandemic of 1918 known as the “Spanish Flu” had many similarities to what we are experiencing today with COVID-19. This video is based on an article by Dr. Lee Ann Caldwell written in 2014 for Augusta Magazine during the one hundredth anniversary year of the beginning of World War I in Europe. Listen to Ann Macey as she speaks of the trials and tribulations of the time in Augusta and around the world when Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States, and the last pandemic raged.