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2021-Morris Street Cemetery, AKA Monte Sano Cemetery, 1901 Wrightsboro Road

Located near the Morris Street and Wrightsboro Road intersection, this small graveyard has fallen into an overgrown state of despair. Many of the graves are in poor condition and show
signs of vandalism. Even if the gravestones were in good condition, it would be impossible to tell as the plant life has completely taken over in the cemetery. The cemetery is home to early
notable citizens with some of the tombstones inscribed with names such as Walton, Woolfolk, Dugas, Musgrove, and others. It originally started as a small family cemetery, but grew to become
a community cemetery for the Monte Sano subdivision in the Woodlawn Historic District. The name of Morris Street Cemetery was given to the small site, but records indicate it was later referred to as the Monte Sano cemetery. Since the early twentieth century, only twice have the  graves been documented. Once in the 1930s by Lamar Reese and again in the 1980s by the Augusta Genealogical Society. With little record of the cemetery existing, it has been mostly forgotten and its condition reflects this fact. Right now, the cemetery sits between residential lots and no caretakers of the small cemetery exist. Should it be cleaned up in the future, the small plot could serve as a nice greenspace in the community and as a place where early Augusta residents can be remembered.